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Taking A Deeper Look Into Dyslexia

Dyslexia is learning disorder whereby the infected person may not be able to read or write, even when other features are functioning properly. Most people suffering from the disease usually have problems with both reading and comprehension.

The disease has recently become a global problem with a population of more than 7% suffering from the condition globally. Although the causes of dyslexia are known, the condition is believed to have no cure. But recently, a British entrepreneur Wynford Dore came up with an idea, which he referred to as the Dore program.

The idea came about as a result of his eldest daughter, Suzy battling with dyslexia for ay year.  She later decided to commit suicide. Although all the three suicide attempts failed, Wynford really wanted to help his daughter and he consulted other medical practitioners to come up with the program.

The program involved victims carrying out simple exercises like catching bean bags while standing on a single leg, eye focusing and spinning on a single point at least three times.

Was The Program Successful?

Besides his daughter being completely cured by the program, it also recorded a success rate of about 80%. A lot of people, both children and adults have since then benefited from the program.

Facts About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not in any way related to the intelligence of a person.  Although the victims are smart enough and have the passion in learning, they usually develop some difficulties.  The victims also have ahigh possibility of developing immunological problems. In the Dore program, the tests that victims do to ease the condition vary depending on the age of the person.

Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia

The symptoms and signs of dyslexia are in most cases appears when the person is still young. They start to appear when the person is still at the childhood stage. The childhood symptoms which indicate that the person might be suffering from dyslexia include

Difficulty in reading although the child is normal in every other aspect; receives proper training and has adequate parental care.

Are Slow Leaners

The children may find it difficult to learn about simple thing like crawling, learning to talk or riding a bike. They catch up later when their peers have already progressed.

Slow Development Of Speech

Besides being slow in learning to speak, the children suffering from dyslexia usually have problems associated with word pronunciations and rhyming words. They are also not able to distinguish different sounds.

Dyslexia Treatment

Apart from the Dore program which is highly disputable, most scholars believe hat there is completely no cure for dyslexia.  But there are treatments available which are usually designed to ease the lives of people suffering from the condition.  But the treatments are only functional when the condition is detected early in life. Among the treatments given to people suffering g from dyslexia include

  • Psychological testing
  • Guidance and counseling to boost the child’s esteem
  • Ongoing evaluation to find out if the condition improves

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